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Airdrie Eyecare Advantage

Patients that purchase frames and lenses from us, are supported with the following:

  • • Adjustments by a licensed Optician or Optometric Assistant
  • • Lifetime nose pad replacement
  • • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • • Cleaning Care Kit
  • • Two year warranty for manufacture defects on frames from non-packaged orders (no extra charges)
  • • One time replacement of lenses if significant scratches within two year of purchase with non reflective or TD2 coated lens.
  • • 90 day non-adapt warranty with progressive lens
  • • Education about the types of lenses and coatings available and the benefits to you
  • • Advice from licensed experts that understand your prescription and will combine that with your facial features to find the perfect frame that compliments your style
  • • Available custom lenses that are built to account for how the frame fits your face.

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From traditional to trendy, our knowledgeable Opticians and Optometric Assistants are trained to select the perfect frames to suit your prescription, face, lifestyle, and budget.

Cutler and Gross Eco L.a Eyeworks Maui Jim Modo Nano Vista OGA Vinylize Woow Zeal Tom Ford Smith Optics Spy Etnia Andy Wolf Face a Face


Sunglasses are not only a fashion statement but they also reduce eyestrain on sunny days and block harmful UV rays. Chronic exposure to UV rays has been linked to increased risk of pterygium, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Whether you are looking for non-prescription, prescription, clip-on, polarized, or transition sunglasses, our team can help you choose the perfect lens and style to best meet your needs.

Safety Frames

We have a large selection of CSA approved frames to choose from and we work closely with the Eyesafe program which promoting eye safety in the work place.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an option for many people and allow the freedom from glasses without the risks and costs of surgical correction. Contact lens materials continue to improve with silicone hydrogels, which have dramatically improved the amount of oxygen that can be delivered to the cornea and this means improved comfort and fewer complications for you, the wearer. With the extensive knowledge of our team, we are able to recommend and fit the contacts that will correct your vision and minimize your risk of complications.

Many of the factors that can increase your risk for complications occur when you leave our clinic. Wearing contacts beyond their replacement schedule, topping up solution, wearing too many hours, not washing hands properly, and not removing contacts at the first sign of irritation are but a few bad habits that can lead to complications. Our team is able to coach you about your habits surrounding contacts to keep your eyes healthy, feeling good and seeing clearly.

Contact Lenses

When purchasing contacts from us:

  • • We provide you with a travel size solution with an annual purchase.
  • • Direct shipping for lenses we do not have in stock is often no charge on annual supplies.
  • • We can help provide lens in an emergency situation.
  • • We can exchange unopened boxes if your Rx changes.
  • • We take pride in helping you with all your vision needs in one location.
  • • We have Optometrists available to deal with any problems you may have.

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